Research group 600Formerly, the research of the Group was mainly focused on the synthesis and characterisation of new mesogenic materials, in order to increase the knowledge in the relation between structure and activity. Our main aim was to rationalise the design of the materials to provide the best possible properties, not only dealing with the liquid crystalline behaviour but also optical and electrooptical properties as well as mechanical properties in the case of polymers. Afterwards our research evolved towards using liquid crystals as a fundamental tool for the structural organization of new multifunctional materials. These highly organised compounds compared to traditional materials, may present increased or completely new properties. 
The CLIP Group has several but strongly interrelated research lines, which provides high synergy within the group and enables a quick update of the advances of the different lines that enriches globally the knowledge and capacities of the whole group. Besides the multidisciplinary internal interconnection, the group has a large network of collaborations with national and international research teams.

Research Lines: 
1- Functional Supramolecular Materials 
2- Functional Polymers
3- Dendrimeric Liquid Crystals
4- Biomedicine

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