Tejedor Bielsa, Rosa María


rosi_cud.jpgPosition: Senior Lecturer, (Centro Universitario de la Defensa)

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Adress: Centro Universitario de la Defensa

             Academia General Militar

             50090 ZARAGOZA

Phone number: +34


Rosa M. Tejedor received his MSc (1987) and PhD (1998) in Chemistry from the University of Zaragoza where she studied photoactive materials under the supervision of Prof. J.L. Serrano and Dr. Luis Oriol. She worked from 1987 to 2001 at R & D departments of telecommunication and automotive industries. In 2001 she joined the Liquid Crystal and Polymer Group as Assistant Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry (Universidad de Zaragoza). She obtained in 2010 the position of senior lecturer of chemistry at the Centro Universitario de la Defensa (Academia General Militar-Zaragoza). She is interested in photoactive materials, low and high molecular weight, photoinduction of supramolecular chirality in achiral materials and, recently, computational and theoretical investigation of supramolecular chemistry.