Carlota Auría


Position: PhD student

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adress: Facultad de Ciencias, Pza San Francisco, s/n

             50009 ZARAGOZA

Phone number: +34 876 762280



Carlota Auría received her B. Sc. In Chemistry from University of Zaragoza (Spain) in 2018 and her M. Sc. In Supramolecular Chemistry from University of Salamanca (Spain) in 2019. She has work background in organic chemistry and biochemistry thanks to research internships carried out in different companies (NUREL, Centro de Investigación del Cáncer – IBMCC-FICUS – and Infinitia Research): organic synthesis and characterization, polymer injection, microbiology and nanoprotemics. Currently, she is developing her PhD thesis at Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragón (INMA), under the supervision of Prof. M. Blanca Ros. Her research focuses on the supramolecular design of new organic materials based on bent-core molecules for optical and electronic applications.