Functional Dendrimers Materials



Dendrimers are new materials obtained with a highly controlled molecular structure in several space orientations. Liquid Crystal (LC) dendrimers are a part of them that incorporate directional properties to these materials. If we append active molecules into these engineered molecules, we can obtain multifunctional anisotropic molecules that open the possibility of achieving a wide variety of physical properties and new applications. Among the numerous possibilities to be explored within this field, we have chosen two fundamental lines, which are Biomedicine and Advanced Molecular Materials.

 LC dendrimers are designed that are being modified with additional functions, which are chosen according to the required applications in Biomedicine and Materials Science.

The goal of our work is aimed at coalescing two of these fields, using LC dendrimers as a tool to confer directionality to some of the properties and applications of dendrimers (Biomedicine and Advanced Materials). This provides an additional issue that may be essential in those cases in which anisotropy and self-organization are fundamental. 




The specific objectives of this line are mainly two:

  • Synthesis and characterization of new functional LC dendrimers using covalent and non-covalent interactions for Biomedical and Materials Science applications.
    • Materials Science:
      • Photoaddressable LC dendrimers
      • Ionic conductive LC dendrimers
      • LC dendrimers for electron transport
      • Magnetic LC dendrimers
    • Biomedicine:
      • Drug-dendrimers
      • Liposomes based on LC dendrimers
      • Biosensors based on photochromic LC dendrimers
  • Study of the physical properties of the new materials synthesized (ionic conductive optical properties and magnetic properties, study of liposomes based on LC dendrimers for drug delivery, study of the biocompatibility of the dendrimers synthesized). Potential Applications: In Materials Science the nearest applications are ionic conductivity, flexible liquid crystals displays and memory devices based on magnetic dendrimers, dendritic photochromic-LC actuators, light valves, sensors based on receptor units, and smart catalysts to be switched on/off by light. In Biomedicine, intelligent systems for drug release, and drug-dendrimers.






Hierarchical Self -Assembly of Polymeric Soft Systems.
Code: 607602       Entity: 7th Framework Programme, UE




Nanostructures based on multifunctional dendrons:
Materials with chiral nanopores and smart drug nanocarriers.

Code: PGC2018-097583-B-I00

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